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The House System

An important part of the co-curricular programme is the House System, which encourages participation and healthy competition in activities including art, chess, drama, debating, music, sport and general knowledge. School commendations also contribute to the overall competition and commendation points are awarded over the course of the year with the eagerly anticipated results announced in the end of year assembly. In addition to the activities on offer, pupils also have leadership opportunities across different year groups, organising and encouraging their peers to get involved and make the most of what is on offer.  

The four Houses are named after distinguished alumni and staff who represent the ethos of the St Albans School Community:  

William T Marsh (OA Staff 1931-1964) 
William T Marsh assumed the headship of St Albans School at the age of 34 and at a historically challenging time, leading the School through World War II.  

Thomas (Tommy) Hampson (OA Staff 1929-1935) 
Tommy Hampson was a History and Games Master at the School. During his tenure he won the 800 metres gold medal at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics and consequently set a new world record.  

Stephen Hawking (OA 1952-1959) 
Stephen Hawking attended the School from 1952. He is the world’s best-known physicist who made fundamental breakthroughs in cosmology which significantly advanced our understanding of the universe.  

Colin Renfrew (OA 1948-1956) 
Lord Colin Renfrew of Kaimsthorn attended the School from 1948. He is an eminent archaeologist, notable for his work on radiocarbon dating, archaeogenetics and the pre-history of languages. He helped to significantly extend the knowledge of early civilisations and cultural change.