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Welcome to Lower School

My name is Rosie Harris and I am the Head of Lower School.

I oversee the wellbeing, pastoral care, discipline and academic progress of pupils in First and Second Form (Years 7 and 8). I work alongside my Deputies, Mr Baker and Mrs Ginsburg, who each take responsibility for a year group during their time in our section.

When boys join us in First Form, they are allocated to a tutor group of up to 24 boys with a Form Tutor who remains with them during their two years in Lower School. The Form Tutors get to know their pupils well and help them to settle in, and the whole Lower School team is always on hand to work with pupils who need more support with the transition, organising themselves and friendships.

Pupils see their tutors twice every day for Registration (except on Fridays when they are at Games). Every Tuesday and Thursday and on some Wednesdays pupils will have a longer session with their tutors. Sometimes, they will do PSHEE lessons, sometimes there will be assemblies, perhaps on topics such as kindness and online safety, and often tutors will help their tutees with specific concerns or help them bond with other members of their tutor. Each form has a Sixth Form prefect who regularly attends these sessions too and provides some additional support and mentoring for pupils.

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Read more here about our Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Programme at St Albans School

Trips and Activities

The end of the first year culminates in a 5-day residential trip to Pen Arthur in Wales.

We also run a whole-school Enrichment Week in June and pupils really enjoy the fun and interesting trips and activities on offer. These experiences help pupils to bond, develop their learning skills and provide challenging activities to build on their resilience.